Art object lending

The museum preserves cultural assets in its collections in accordance with the 1997 Act on museum institutions, public library services and public culture. year CXL. Act 38/A. § (1-7) of § 29/2014 on the loan of cultural property preserved in museum institutions and the selection procedure. (IV. 10.) In accordance with the provisions contained in the EMMI Regulation, it lends on the basis of a fixed-term, written contract. The process of borrowing works of art:

The Borrower sends the request to the director of the museum in an official letter, in electronic form or by mail, 45 days before the actual borrowing. The letter must contain the exact details of the borrower, the purpose and duration of the loan, the location and a list of the art objects to be borrowed. Borrowing is authorized in writing by the director of the museum. Art objects can be borrowed if the necessary documents are prepared and signed. The Art Lending Agreement and the accompanying Condition Assessment Protocol (Appendix No. 1) and Handover Protocol (Appendix No. 2) can be downloaded here. In the case of lending abroad or to a non-museum institution, a ministerial consent is required, which is obtained by the museum. In this case, the time of receipt of the request is 3 months

The Móra Ferenc Museum does not charge a rental fee for the loan, but only an administration fee (preparation, administration, etc.), the value of which is HUF 25,000 + VAT/object for the loan of 1-5 pieces of art, 20,000 for the use of 6-10 pieces. HUF+VAT/item, in case of use of 11-20 units HUF 15,000+VAT/item, over 21 units based on individual agreement.

The museum procedure for lending artefacts is regulated by the director's circular of 29-3-2016/Ig-29.

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