Móra Ferenc Museum Library
Szeged, Roosevelt tér 1-3. 6720

Museum librarian:

Papdi Nikolett



Book use

The library can be visited with a research permit
– coworker of domestic museums,
– scientific researchers,
- local history researchers,
– college and university students,
– secondary school students based on school recommendation.

Exceptions to this:
- active and retired coworker of our museum organization,
- students of the Department of Archeology of SZTE.

It is forbidden to bring food, drinks, bags, coats, and umbrellas into the reading room.
Please store such items in the cloakroom, which is free to use.
The library can also be accessed from the ground floor by elevator.

The research permit can be downloaded by clicking the button below:


– local use of the library collection,
- collection and provision of local knowledge and local history information,
– save data to an external medium,
– printing,
– scanning,
- photocopying

Fees for copying service*:


The terms of use are as follows:

1. The use of your own digital camera or mobile phone for text recording, i.e. for photocopying, is only possible with a photo ticket.

2. The photo ticket form, which is also the photo ticket, can be requested from the librarian. The completed form must be presented at the Museum's visitor's desk and the proof of payment of the fee must be presented to the librarian. This entitles you to use your own digital camera, camcorder, and mobile phone.

3. The reader may only take photos in such a way that the integrity of the document is not endangered or it doesn't bother your fellow readers. Violation of these rules will result in the revocation of the phototicket.

4. The reader may use the recording made in this way in accordance with the legal regulations applicable at all times. For all other forms of use, the permission of the Ferenc Móra Museum must be requested.

5.Fees: HUF 900.-. The phototicket is valid for one day and on the day the fee is paid.

One page A/4 HUF 30,-
A/3 HUF 40,-
Double sided A/4 HUF 50,-
A/3 HUF 60,-
Scanning: HUF 100.-

*Prices include 27% VAT.