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The Foundation for Museum Science was founded in 1991 on behalf of the Móra Ferenc Museum by dr. It was created by the county museum director Ottó Trogmayer. The foundation primarily supports scientific research and the publication of its results belonging to the research profile of the Ferenc Móra Museum. Another goal of the foundation is to support the cultural, monument protection and nature conservation activities carried out in the museum. Its activities are managed by a five-member board of trustees, according to the Articles of Incorporation.

The non-profit foundation is an independent legal entity, with its registered office at Roosevelt tér 1-3, Szeged.
Mailing address: 6701 Szeged, Pf. 474.
Phone: 62/549-040

Members of the board of trustees:
Ethnographer Dr. Ildikó Bárkányi (Móra Ferenc Museum, head of department) president
Archaeologist Dr. Andrea Horváth (Móra Ferenc Museum, head of department)
Archaeologist Dr. Ferenc Horváth (Szeged)
Historian Dr. László Marjanucz (SZTE Department of Modern and Contemporary Hungarian History, head of department)
Historian Dr. István Tóth (Móra Ferenc Museum, head of department)

Name and address of the foundation’s account managing financial institution: CIB Bank Zrt., CIB Bank Szeged, Széchenyi tér 2.

Account number: 11100403-19083852-10000001

Tax number: 19083852-1-06

In order to achieve the goals of the foundation, it helps and supports it as much as possible
– creating personal and material conditions for research,
– production of publications,
– honoring the authors,
– the cultural, monument protection and nature conservation activities carried out in the museum.

The foundation is a private foundation.
The foundation carries out business activities only in order to achieve its public benefit goals, without jeopardizing them.

It does not distribute the profit achieved during the management, it is used only for the activities specified in the Founding Deed.

The assets of the foundation are the offerings, donations provided by domestic and foreign, legal and private individuals, as well as other sources, which may come from budget bodies, institutions, other foundations as targeted support, or results from tenders.

The foundation’s assets and interest may be regularly used for the purposes of the foundation and for the realization of the goals within its own authority, according to the provisions of the founder and supporters, and as detailed in the Founding Deed.

The foundation provides support only on the basis of a tender or written request.

The board of trustees decides on the foundation’s preferences, assets, annual budget and the awarding of grants.

The board of trustees continuously informs the public about the operation of the foundation, the way to use its services, and the decisions made within its competence.


Founding document