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The museum is a collection of objects and each object carries its own story.

We also collect objects at home – objects that evoke memories of lived experiences and loved ones. The museum of our personal memories consists of these.

As part of the Community Week, we invited the volunteers of the Móra Ferenc Museum in Szeged to a game, and some of the museum’s colleagues also joined the campaign. We asked them to choose from their own MEMORY museum the object whose story they would like to share in the form of a short film, so we can get a little insight into each other’s MEMORY museum.

Csilla Szatmári Memorial Museum:

Szekeresné Nagyiván Aranka Museum Volunteer Memorial Museum:

Gáborné Tasnádi Museum Volunteer Memorial Museum:–Has

Erzsébet Rácz Museum Volunteer Memorial Museum:

Mariann Ádász Memorial Museum:



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Museum Volunteer Program

In 2010, our museum launched a museum volunteer exhibition guide program (the first among rural museums in Hungary), which we repeated in 2011 and most recently in 2017. Our volunteers received training based on training for several weeks, where they acquired a wide range of knowledge about the museum, its operation, the methodology of exhibition management, and also comprehensively mastered the material and knowledge of the museum’s exhibitions.

The museum volunteers help the museum in several areas, one of which is the guided tours for groups. During permanent and temporary exhibitions, we organize training sessions, which are held by exhibition curators and museum specialists, subject matter experts. At the same time, regarding many other areas of museum activity – organizing events, visitor information; museum pedagogy, organization and communication, research work − they are also enthusiastically and actively involved in museum life.

We constantly try to maintain the community: we organize joint programs, club events, museum visits. We are currently in contact online through online clubs.

You can inquire about museum volunteering with the museum volunteer coordinator Mariann Ádász at the email address

Photos from past years:

Training guided tours

Kép_1 Kép_2

Our museum volunteers in action

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Museum volunteers visiting theater volunteers




The team was expanded with new volunteers

We hired forty volunteers at the Ferenc Móra Museum on December 4, 2017.

We would also like to thank our new volunteers for their enthusiasm, perseverance and dedication! We hope that we will have many, many shared experiences and successes at the Ferenc Móra Museum!

We also thank the organizers, mentors, lecturers and all helpers of the volunteer training for their work!

Group photo of museum volunteers


Museum Volunteer Recruitment 2017

Become a member of the Móra Ferenc Museum volunteer team!

The Ferenc Móra Museum is looking for volunteers who, after preliminary preparation and an exam, will guide visitors through the permanent exhibitions as exhibition guides!

We are looking for applications from people who are willing to devote their time to volunteering as members of the museum team, who are open to preparing for the museum’s exhibitions, and who want to continuously develop their exhibition management skills and new ideas!

Method to apply:

– completed application form submitted by the deadline
– resume and motivation letter

Conditions for becoming a volunteer:
– 18 years of age
– participation in preparatory sessions (theoretical and practical knowledge, 5 times)
– successful test

Time of the preparatory programs: September 13 – October 18, 2017. Once a week, Wednesday afternoon from 2 p.m.

Application deadline: August 20, 2017.

The application form can be downloaded from and can be picked up at the Museum’s cash desk. The application form can be submitted to the Museum’s cash desk, or it can be sent in electronic form to the e-mail address

Contact and further information: 30/3298173,

The program is organized by the Móra Ferenc Museum and the Talentum Foundation


The application form can be downloaded from here:

Volunteer application form 2017


Snapshots of the work of our volunteer curators:

Koteczki P 1.

Hatvani Ági Pompeji (2) Kolvalcsikné Gizike 1