The Móra Ferenc Museum is located in the heart of Szeged, at the junction of the Tisza-part (Tisza coast) and the Belvárosi híd (Downtown bridge), its patinated building is a defining part of the cityscape. The institution is an outstanding cultural center of the region. In addition to its permanent and constantly renewing temporary exhibitions, serious archaeological, ethnographic, historical, numismatic and natural science research is also taking place within the walls of the Palace of Culture.

The history of the museum merges with that of the Somogyi library: the predecessor of the two institutions was founded in 1883, and the neoclassical building was handed over in 1896 - this building is still the home of the Móra Ferenc Museum and a defining architectural masterpiece of the city of Szeged. The library and the museum separated in 1950, when it took the name of the former director of the institution, Móra Ferenc.

The directors of the museum include great archaeologists, historians and scientists: János Reizner, István Tömörkény and Ferenc Móra were also at the head of the institution.

The Móra Ferenc Museum welcomes visitors with valuable permanent exhibitions throughout the year.

In addition to the temporary exhibitions, the Móra Ferenc Museum also offers constantly renewed temporary exhibitions. The works of Vasarely, Csontváry, and Munkácsy, among others, have already been presented within the institution's walls.

The exhibition locations of the Móra Ferenc Museum in Szeged are as follows: Kass Gallery (7 Vár u., Szeged), Fekete ház (13 Somogyi u. Szeged), Castle Museum and Stone Storage (Szeged, Stefánia sétány 15), Mátyás Varga Theater History Exhibition House ( Szeged, Bécsi krt. 11/A).