Kass Gallery

The Kass Gallery opened in 1985 in the Vár Street in Szeged. The gallery presents the works of János Kass, one of the most famous artists born in Szeged. He was winner of the Kossuth Prize, the Munkácsy Prize (twice), the Hungarian Prize of Worthy Artists, and the Hungarian Prize for Outstanding Artists.

Significant series from the work of János Kass have been exhibited in the Kass Gallery, such as Bluebeard, The Tragedy of Man, the Bible, Hamlet, or selected works from the Heads series. In addition to these works, his individual drawings have also been presented in the exhibition space.

In 1991, after the gallery’s floor space had been expanded, temporary exhibitions also started to take place in the building.  Such exhibitions of contemporary artists are regularly on view in the Kass Gallery.